Taking Off to New Heights: GCIA Celebrates 400th International Flight.

September 1, 2023

A Milestone in the Sky

The Gary / Chicago International Airport (GCIA) recently reached a significant milestone, celebrating its 400th international flight since the opening of its U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facility in 2018. This achievement marks a new era for the airport, showcasing its expanded capabilities and global reach.

A New Era of International Travel at GCIA

With the establishment of the CBP facility, GCIA has opened doors to the world, allowing international flights to land directly at the airport. This development has not only enhanced the airport’s aviation services but has also made travel more convenient for international passengers.

The Impact of the CBP Facility

  • Expanding Global Reach: The CBP facility has been a game-changer, enabling GCIA to welcome flights from across the globe.
  • Increasing Traveler Convenience: International travelers can now fly directly into GCIA without needing to clear customs elsewhere, simplifying their travel experience.

Post-Pandemic Growth and Future Prospects

GCIA Authority Chairman Pete Visclosky noted the strong rebound in post-pandemic operations and the airport’s commitment to evolving its international travel offerings. The 400th flight is not just a milestone; it’s a stepping stone to further growth and service enhancement.

Infrastructure Investments Paying Off

  • Runway Expansion: GCIA has extended its main runway to nearly 9,000 ft, becoming a vital hub for larger aircraft.
  • Welcoming Larger Aircraft: The runway expansion has facilitated service to bigger, heavier aircraft from international destinations.
  • Partnership with UPS: A strategic alliance with UPS since 2020 has bolstered express air shipment operations, adding to GCIA’s capabilities.

“The airport continues to be a pillar for the Northwest Indiana region – ushering in economic development and creating jobs. Our CBP facility addition and prior and subsequent infrastructure investments have allowed the airport to expand upon our operation and service capacity.”

  • Dan Vicari, Executive Director

A Snapshot of GCIA’s International Footprint

Since the opening of the CBP facility, GCIA has averaged about seven landings per month, welcoming flights from 34 different countries across four continents. This diversity underscores the airport’s expanding international influence.

Conclusion: The Future is Bright at GCIA

As GCIA continues to grow and adapt, its role in the world of aviation becomes ever more crucial. Celebrating the 400th international flight is just the beginning of a promising future.

CBP Facility User Guidelines

For those using the CBP facility, remember to notify U.S. CBP officials at least 24 hours prior to arrival.